Josh Fritts is a bicoastal Director | Director of Photography splitting his time between Atlanta and Los Angeles.
After finishing his film degree at Georgia State University, he made the long trip to Los Angeles where he spent many years learning his craft and working his way up from set lighting, to gaffing, then into cinematography and directing. Through that journey, he learned how to truly understand light and how to mold and shape it into an image that is rich in emotion, style and narrative acuity.
Now after photographing hundreds of projects from feature films to documentaries to commercials, working with brands like Geico, Adidas, Pepsi, Mattel and Spectrum; he finds joy in the collaborative process and comfort shooting with both large crews in heavy lighting situations and more intimate natural light settings.
His style is to make everything in life an adventure, every project turns into a journey of learning and exploration and every frame he captures becomes a window into the path he took.
That style continues into Josh’s personal life where he stomps around the southeast looking for new adventures with his wife and son that become inspiration in his work.